Broken Spring

Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Services

One broken spring of your garage door is only a warning of the ageing/ disintegration of your garage door – take heed!

The springs used in garage doors are always made of the best quality steel and are made to be the most durable part of a garage door. One may still compromise on the quality of the material used for the door itself, but all professionals would recommend that the springs used should be of standard quality. The reason behind this is that springs are the main parts which bear the entire weight of the door and therefore need to be strong and durable which should be able to tolerate even frequent opening and closing of the garage door.

Therefore, when you know that the springs of the door are made of the best quality and if you find a broken spring in your door, it definitely means either that your garage door, with all its parts is ageing and disintegrating due to wear and tear, or it means that you are not paying sufficient attention to its maintenance.

Our advice is that rather than waiting for any other part to disintegrate or break down, it would be better to not just replace the broken spring but also the other springs which may look fine for now but which may also have been worn down the like broken spring and may also break in the near future. Besides, if your door has extension springs, then it becomes all the more necessary to replace both the springs as having a shiny new spring on one side and a rusty old spring on the other will only throw the door off balance.